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Things Your Sephora Lady Doesn't Tell You

For today's post we are going to be looking at skin care product efficacy and medical grade skincare vs. over the counter/drugstore skincare. As a 31 year old woman, and consumer myself, when I spend my hard earned money on skincare products it is important that they work.

Purchasing skincare products can be extremely overwhelming. Their is always a "new and improved" product claiming that they're the miracle fix your skin has been waiting for. Walking down the skin care aisle at your local drugstore is enough to cause palpitations. How do you know what is best for your skin and that the product is going to achieve the results that it claims?

Buying skincare products over the counter at your local drugstore, Sephora, or Ulta potentially won't hurt your skin, but it very likely won't achieve the results you desire. Achieving healthy skin takes effort, you have to be dedicated to using the right products that are good for your skin, and are recommended to you by a skincare professional.

You should also know that product alone typically is not enough to get dramatic results. It is the combination of professional grade skincare with regular treatments at the spa that will make the most impact on your skin. Even with following these two steps it still takes time for the skin to make the changes you desire. For example, it takes at least a few months to start rebuilding collagen and elastin in the skin which helps reverse signs of aging. Doing these things will dramatically increase your chances of having success with your skin.

So, what is the problem with over the counter skin care and why is it detrimental to achieving the success with our skin that we so desperately desire? Let's dig deeper, let me share with you the things your Sephora lady doesn't tell you or want you to know. The difference between professional, pharmaceutical grade products vs. over the counter products.


What are professional grade products?

Professional and pharmaceutical grade products are skincare products that are sold and used exclusively in a day spa, medical spa, skin clinic, and dermatologist or doctors office. These products are different from the products you will find being sold at retail stores like Sephora or Ulta, or department stores like Macy's and also drugstore chains like CVS or Walgreens.

Things your Sephora lady doesn't want you to know:

1. No professional license, education, or training

When you go into a Sephora the retail workers are bright, bubbly, and ready to help. However, when it comes to skincare they do not have the education that professionals do. The sales associate will not know the efficacy of the products or the way the ingredients will work with the pH of your skin. If the sales associates have any training it is only in what products they carry and what each product is designed to do. But training in the products doesn't help you if they don't know what YOUR skin really needs.

When you see a professional for you skincare you can rest assured that they have spent countless hours in training, education, and application. They are highly educated and licensed. You wouldn't go to just any person for your medical care, you go to a doctor because they are educated in medical care. When working with a skincare professional they can create an effective treatment plan based on your skincare goals and needs and create a home care plan that will help you attain your skin goals.

2. Professional products are more potent

When you purchase professional grade products you are truly receiving a higher quality product. That's because professional and pharmaceutical grade products have a higher concentration of active ingredients. The active ingredients are the ingredients that give your skin the results you desire. Not only are professional products more potent with active ingredients, typically the actives they use are of a higher quality. For instance the source, grade, purity, and effectiveness are better with the professional grade products. With retail products you don't get the professional guidance from a licensed provider so the retail lines have to play it safe with active ingredients. They have to offer products that won't cause damage if used incorrectly. Professional products on the other hand are used under the guidance of a skincare professional and are designed with a goal of achieving clinical strength results, therefore, they can have a higher potency of active ingredients. Professional products deliver

3. Professional products have better delivery of ingredients

Not only do professional products have greater quality ingredients and actives but they are better at being delivered where they need to in the skin. If you have an amazing ingredient but you can't get it deep into the layers of the skin it is not going to be effective. Because our skin serves as a protective barrier to anything harmful in the outside world it can be highly impermeable. That means are skin works to keep the bad stuff out but if products aren't formulated correctly then are skin will keep the ingredients out to. Professional and pharmaceutical product companies are on top of new and improved techniques for delivery of active ingredients in skin care. They utilize the most up to date and current systems for getting ingredients where they need to go to give you the results you deserve.

4. Science is on their side

Professional and pharmaceutical products are some of the most effective products because they have to meet certain criteria. For example these products are FDA regulated, they must contain 99.9% pure active ingredients, they need to have the backing of scientific studies and be able to demonstrate that their product can benefit the skin. For you as the consumer this means that when a pharmaceutical skin care product says it helps with wrinkles, it has stood up to testing that it in fact will help with wrinkles. These are products that consumers can have faith in. They are not retail lines promising miracle like results in 1 use, they are products that have stood through testing and regulation and proven that they can get the job done.

5. Self-diagnosis of skin issues

For consumers who are not seen by a professional regarding their skin, they tend to have a bad habit of self diagnosing issues they believe their skin has. If you believe you have oily skin and go to Ulta then you will be presented with options for oily skin. The catch here is that you may not have oily type skin at all. Maybe you have combination skin, or acne prone skin. Self-diagnosing does more harm than good. It is always best to see a professional and have them determine your skin type and skins needs.

6. Less is more

When you purchase professional products you may be paying a little more up front then you would at a retail chain, but you are getting what you pay for in terms of value. You know you are getting a product that is designed for your skins needs and goals and will provide results. Also, the way a lot of professional products are formulated allows you to use far less product to achieve the desired effect. You do not need a handful of product, these products are highly concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. This is good for you and your pocketbook. Because you can use less product, you will have it for a longer amount of time. With retail skincare you typically have to purchase monthly, but with professional grade products they can last you anywhere between 3 months to 9 months without having to re-buy. Professional products typically are multi-taskers as well. This means they can deal with multiple skin issues with one product which adds value to the products for the consumer.

At Brilliant Bodywork not only will you receive professional care that gets results, you will also receive professional recommendations for skincare products that are specifically chosen based on your skin needs and goals. We have had great success in helping our clients achieve the skin they always dreamed about. We pride ourselves on working hard with our clients to get results. Here are 2 of our clients that went through our Face Reality skin program, they came in regularly for peels and followed an at home skincare routine. By working with our licensed providers and using professional skincare products these clients were able to achieve wonderful results for their skin.

Now you know the things your Sephora lady doesn't tell you, feel free to pass this on to your friends and let them in on the secrets as well. In the battle of professional skincare vs. over the counter/drugstore skincare, the professional products leave the others in the dust. If your looking to find out what your skins specific needs are and come up with goals for your skin based on professional guidance and care then please schedule a free skin consultation with us here at Brilliant Bodywork, we would love to help you achieve brilliant skin. Schedule with us here- or find our more about our skin care treatments at our website,

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