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New, Powerful DermaSound Ultrasonic Treatment

Brilliant Bodywork is excited to announce a new treatment protocol we've added to our skin care services. We are very excited to have this new, powerful treatment available for our clients. DermaSound is a non-invasive treatment, it is a facial procedure that uses ultrasonic frequency and water to loosen debris and dead skin cells from the top surface layer of the skin. This helps stimulate production of elastin and collagen, which in turn helps heal connective tissues in the skin, firm the skin, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. The DermaSound also helps to reduce discoloration in the skin caused by acne scarring and sun damage. This treatment can help hydrate the skin as well as unclog pores and protect against breakouts from acne.

How does the DermaSound treatment work?

The DermaSound uses a 3 step system to help heal and treat the skin.

Step 1, Cavitation- Cavitation uses oscillating water to loosen and remove the debris and dead skin cells. During this step a rapidly-vibrating device is used to remove built up oils, debris, dirt and bacteria. The cavitation step works similarly to an exfoliating or microdermabrasion treatment, however, it has a lower chance of side effects like redness or skin inflammation.

Step 2, Sonophoresis- Sonophoresis is the process in which ultrasonic frequency works to create pathways in the skins layers. These pathways allow antioxidant products to penetrate deep into the skins layers and is much more effective than doing it by hand.

Step 3, Microcurrent Therapy- The 3rd step uses microcurrent therapy to stimulate cell function and promote healing. Factors in our environment can damage cells, the microcurrents work to restore the cells' electrical charge to normal. This step also helps stimulate production of collagen and elastin and increase nutrient transfer to the skin.

What is the DermaSound treatment used for?

As stated above the DermaSound is used to stimulate production of collagen and elastin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, repair sun damage and acne scarring. The DermaSound can be used to help treat acne by removing bacteria from the skin. This treatment can help manage symptoms of rosacea as well. A DermaSound treatment can also be used as a preventative measure to combat signs of aging. Overall being treated with the DermaSound will make your skin more hydrated, clearer, and healthier.

Results of receiving a DermaSound treatment.

After receiving a DermaSound treatment clients are left with purified skin and a complexion that is visibly soft and smoother. The face will feel fresh and cleared of environmental toxins, bacteria, and residue. The treatment helps to unclog the pores which allows home care products like serums and moisturizers to absorb deeper into skin and help to further results. Maximum results can be achieved through a series of treatments.

What is the recovery process after the procedure?

The DermaSound treatment is a non-invasive treatment, because of that their is no recovery period or downtime after receiving a DermaSound treatment. A treatment session takes between 30 and 45 minute to do and afterwards clients are able to get right back to their day. Their may be minimal redness immediately following a treatment, however a quick application using our Priia mineral foundation can cover that right up. Due to the intensive exfoliation of the DermaSound treatment clients will want to utilize an SPF to protect their skin from the sun. In general you should use a daily SPF to protect your skin and minimize sun damage.

If your interested in learning more or scheduling a DermaSound treatment please give us a call at (608) 783-8380 or you can check out are website here-

This treatment can be performed on just about anyone, the only exceptions are women who are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker. Check out this video showing the DermaSound below.

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