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20 Days of Gratitude This November

1. Leave a basket of fall goodies for your neighbors to let them know you appreciate them.

2.Show your local police & fire department your thankfulness by dropping off a card and a basket full of homemade goodies.

3. Throw a Friendsgiving.

4. Write a note to your spouse, child, or best friend each day in November telling them one reason you are grateful for them.

5. Give back to those in need by donating your unneeded scarves, hats, mittens, and jackets to your local homeless shelter or coat drive. Get your friends and family to bring there’s to Thanksgiving dinner and take them all in the day after.

6. Run plain craft paper down the center of your dinner table during Thanksgiving and have your guest draw and write what they are thankful for throughout the meal.

7. Start each day in November by being thankful, choose something different each day. Use this prompt for each day and name something your thankful for in that category. Share it on Facebook or Twitter.

8. Create a thankfulness tree or gratitude jar, check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

9. Collect cans & dried goods for local can drives.

10. Have morning devotions based upon bible verses in which God’s people gave thanks.

11. Take the time to thank a different person each day for being a part of your life.

12. At Thanksgiving dinner have everyone write on a slip of paper something they are grateful for this year. Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl or hat and shake them up then pass them around the table to be read out loud.

13. Write in a thanksgiving journal during the month of November, name something you are grateful for each day and why. You could also use the 30 days of gratefulness prompts for journaling.

14. Go out of your way to help a stranger out, give someone a hand with their groceries or hold the door.

15. Buy coffee (or anything) for the person behind you in line, hopefully they will pay it forward and start a chain of gratefulness.

16. Write a heartfelt and thoughtful letter to a loved one, tell them how thankful you are for their presence in your life.

17. November 11 is Veterans day, give back to a veteran you know or send a care package to one of your service members. Go to, or, also,

18. Leave your postal worker a home baked treat in your mailbox with a small note of appreciation.

19. Give your pet some extra love and attention (and maybe a few extra treats!).

20. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your daily life. When you catch yourself being negative think on all the things you have to be grateful for.

Here are some ideas to get you started and help get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Hopefully if we really put into practice being grateful and showing our gratitude and appreciation for others then maybe it will spill over into the other months of the year. Those who are grateful are happier, healthier, and have a higher quality of life. Start practicing random acts of kindness and strive to be grateful for all you have and you will notice a positive change in your life. Let us know if you enjoyed these tips or which ones you put into action this November. Also if you have kids at home let them get in on the action, they can partake in almost all these activities and will learn some valuable lessons in empathy, and appreciation.

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