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Ditch the Razor, Try Waxing

It's summer in Wisconsin and that means most of us can't hide are unshaven legs like we do in the winter, just kidding! But seriously what a pain it can be when you throw on your cute dress, shorts or tank top and realize you forgot to shave! Shaving can be such a pain, it's time consuming, doesn't last long, it's expensive and the next day or two their is already stubble growing in. We say ditch the razor and try waxing, or if you want permanent, long-term results give our laser hair reduction a try. Here are some reasons to give waxing a try if you haven't already:

  • Waxing is faster than shaving, when you have someone else doing your waxing they can be more precise, and get those hard to reach places that you may not be able to get.

  • With waxing you won't get cut like you can with a razor and with waxing you will not get razor burn. If you have had razor burn you know that it is painful, itchy and unsightly. Especially in the underarm, bikini/brazillian areas.

  • Waxing is long lasting. Because you are pulling the hair at the root from the follicle in its entirety it takes much longer to grow back compared to when you shave and just trim the hair at the base of the skin. This means you will enjoy more time with smooth, silky skin. With shaving you get a day or two at best of smoothness whereas with waxing it is 3 -4 weeks before your next appointment, you do have some regrowth before then with waxing but the hair growth is finer.

  • As mentioned above with waxing regrowth the hair is finer and thinner when it grows back. Overtime the hair can actually stop growing altogether.

  • Waxing saves time. Because waxing is less frequent than shaving it saves you time overall. You don't have to take the time to shave, you can just get ready and go.

  • With waxing we can do everything from legs to precise areas such as eyebrows.

  • Overtime waxing is much more cost effective. Razors are expensive and get dull quickly and need to be replaced, not to mention shaving cream, and razor burn cream.

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